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Ya know, it’s not about the camera. That’s just a thing I’ll be holding. 


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It’s about that spine-tingling moment you open your portfolio and see something in yourself you have never seen before.

Ready for that? Ready to see yourself as the world needs to see you? You and all your superpowers.

Grab your cape and let's do this thing. 



What's included:

Brand strategy call

Marketing strategy call
2-hour session 

Studio space
At least 25 totally gorgeous images 


Investment: 4,000 NIS + MA'AM


What's included:

Brand strategy call

Marketing strategy call
Half day session 
Studio space 
Two locations 
At least 75 sha-mazing images 


Investment: 5,000 NIS + MA'AM


What's included:

Brand strategy call
3-hour photography session
3-hour in-person marketing strategy session 
Studio space 
At least 150 fab-tabulous images 

One-month of WhatsApp strategy support 

Investment: 8,000 NIS + MA'AM 

Branding Photography Israel


  • How will you know what I need and what I envision?
    The moment you sign up to work with me, we’ll schedule your one-hour strategy call. I’ll ask you carefully crafted questions about your business, brand, and clients. This is how I design a photoshoot that reflects your vision. And if you don’t have a vision, that’s ok, I’ve got a plan for that too. We’ll choose locations, plan your wardrobe, and select the props we need to tell your story. I’ll build out a shot-list that ensures you have photos for all your needs.
  • Where will we do the shoot?
    My packages all include a beautiful studio that I can design to reflect your brand's vibe. If you have a workshop or space where you create or serve your clients, we can use that. Some shoots require multiple locations and others take place in just one. We will sort all this out during our strategy call.
  • What will I wear? Can I change outfits?
    We’ll plan your wardrobe during your strategy call. Spoiler alert: you’re going to wear things that make you feel all shades of fab, reflect your authenticity, and I might even give you an excuse to do some shopping! And yes, you can change outfits as often as you want! I even bring a portable changing room to outdoor shoots.
  • Will you help me pose?
    Of course! But it won’t feel like posing. This will feel natural. I’ll prompt you to talk about your clients, power walk, or sit in a way that’s comfortable to you. I’ll help you make small adjustments (and you’ll hear this a lot: “chin down”!) You’ll laugh at me because making sentences is hard when I’m behind the camera (left brain-right brain) and I will take photos of you laughing at me and it will be a genuine, beautiful photo.
  • Do I get to choose my photos?
    Yes! You’ll receive what’s called a viewing gallery. A viewing gallery shows you all the edited photos from your session. And then you’ll select the very best ones - the ones you love the mostest - for your personal stockpile of business photos. Fun, right?
  • How long will it take to get my photos?
    You’ll receive your viewing gallery within two weeks of your shoot, and your final portfolio within 2 business days of selecting your faves!
  • Can I see or have all the raw photos?
    Short answer: no. Long answer: part of my job is to comb through the thousands (yes, thousands) of photos I take of you and only show you the best of the best. I’ll include similar photos in your viewing gallery so you can choose between this smile or that, but really and truly no one but me needs to see all the raw photos.
  • Can I have more photos than what comes with my package?
    Of course! Additional single photos are 50 NIS each or you can buy out your entire gallery for 20 NIS per photo.
Brand Photographer Israel


Schedule a call to get this disco ball rolling.

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